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February 25, 2020

Spray Tanning in Spokane, WA

How to prepare for a spray tan:

1. Shave and wax at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid accidentally removing your colour and damaging your skin. Hair removal treatments are especially harsh on your skin, so you want to give it a chance to fully recover before using any self tanning products.

2. Exfoliate your entire body to remove any debris and dirt that can block your spray tan. To optimise your results, use the tan-enhancing body polish from St. Tropez. Designed specifically for self tanning, St. Tropez’s exfoliating body polish uses gentle microbeads to remove dirt and smooth out the skin’s texture. To create the perfect base for salon spray tans, treat your skin with St. Tropez’s salon body polisher.

3. Apply moisturiser to dry areas. While you do not necessarily need to moisturise your entire body right before using self tanning products, you should apply a hydrating lotion to any areas that feel rough or scaly. Areas that are especially prone to dryness include elbows, hands, ankles, knees and feet.

4. Protect your hairline and eyebrows with a barrier cream before self tanning. Fake colour can overwhelm light eyebrows and form a ring around your hairline. Because barrier creams block tanning agents from being absorbed, they can help you create a more natural-looking tan. To form transitional areas around your elbows and hands, use a small amount of blending cream.

5. Wear loose-fitting clothes. Like all self tanning products, spray tans can be easily rubbed off immediately after the application. To make sure that your colour stays intact, you should avoid tight clothes and exposure to water for at least eight hours. After your application, test your skin for dryness. If it feels a little sticky, wait a few more minutes for it to dry completely before you put on your clothes.

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