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February 25, 2020

Working out with Eyelashes


Exercising is such a big part of many people’s lives. Whether you love to swim, run, lift weights, dance, etc., it’s always good to look glam while getting your sweat on! Eyelash extensions keep you looking flawless while you’re sweating it out in the gym. But, all the sweat and water can damage your lashes. Read on to find our favorite tips for keeping your body AND lashes on point:

24-hour Rule

Your lash artist probably tells you to avoid showering and washing your face within 24 hours, basically anything that could get your lashes wet. The same rule applies for sweat. Sweating within 24 hours of getting your lashes applied can effect retention. If you must exercise that day, choose an activity that doesn’t cause you to sweat and that doesn’t require showering after, like yoga or walking.


Before you exercise, seal your lashes with IntelliSeal. This is especially important if you’re planning on swimming or sweating a lot (think hot yoga or a spin class). The sealer creates a barrier between the adhesive and the seat. For best results, apply it about 30 minutes before your workout to let the sealer set.


After your workout, cleanse your lashes with Bella’s Deep Cleanser. It is important to clean your lashes after a workout because the salt and residue from sweat should not sit on your lashes. Having that residue on your lashes effects retention and breaks down adhesive. Always keep it clean!

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